Parent Seminars

What are Parent Seminars? How much do they cost?

We provide Parent Seminars on selected dates for parents free of charge providing parents with an opportunity to network. Each session, various professionals are invited to present a short topic pertaining to gifted children.

Spring A Parent Seminar  20th & 27th February 2016

“Transform your home into a haven for your gifted learner” (20th Feb)

This presentation is designed to help parents serve as advocates for their gifted learners. Participants will understand how a Growth Mindset manifests in a gifted population. Participants will learn how to transform their home into one that embraces strengths—for everyone’s gain.

STEMming from Many Directions” ( 27th Feb)

This session will focus on the impact and importance of science, technology, engineering, art, and math for [gifted] students.  It will also share some activities that parents can do at home with their student (s).  There is a hands-on portion for parents to experience an actual STEM lesson.  A QR code with resources will also be shared.