Parent Seminars

What are Parent Seminars? How much do they cost?

We provide Parent Seminars on selected dates for parents free of charge providing parents with an opportunity to network. Each session, various professionals are invited to present a short topic pertaining to gifted children.

Saturday School 2015 Parent Seminar Schedule – Location:Room 101 Classroom South Building

Date Time Speaker Topic
3/07/2015  9:15 am Chris Thompson (NASA Ambassador) Rocketry: From Wan-Hu to SLS
4/18/2015  9:15 am Dori Kleber Finding Great Books for Advanced Readers



On March 7, NASA Solar System Ambassador Chris Thompson, will present an overview of the history of rocketry, concentrating on NASA’s launch vehicles both past and future.  He will also share several demonstrations of rocketry concepts, and show parents how they can repeat those demonstrations with their children. Instructional handouts will be provided to participants, and the class will include a look at the NASA educational websites.


On April 18, Dori Kleber, the founder and operator of, a non-profit, non-commercial online resource for parents of bright and talented children, which boasts more than 400 subscribers will talk about parents having the struggle with selecting books for their gifted children. These kids read well above their chronological age / grade level, but giving them books intended for children three or more years older may expose them to inappropriate content. She will try to guide parents to making reading challenging, safe, and fun for their children.

The talk would cover:

1) What does that “reading level” test score really mean?

2) How to use available online tools to find appropriate books based on a child’s reading level and interests?

3) The role of non-fiction books, and how to find outstanding non-fiction titles.

4) How books can support a gifted child’s emotional development and well-being?

5) Why gifted kids should not be restricted to reading at their maximum grade level?


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