Achievement Testing

Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders Achievement Testing Program (SSATP)

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The Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders Achievement Testing Program (SSATP) utilizes the Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) created by Achilles N. Bardos, Ph.D. and published by Pearson Assessments. The BASI is a multi-level, norm-referenced test that measures math, reading, and language skills. The BASI helps present a complete evaluation of academic skills. This test yields standard scores, national percentile rankings, grade equivalency, and age equivalency. This test was normed during the 2002–03 school year and has been found to be highly correlated to other leading achievement and intelligence tests. The BASI is a current, valid and reliable assessment tool.

The cost of testing is $165 payable by check or credit card (Visa/Mastercard). Testing fees must be paid with your registration.

The SSATP will be administering the BASI Comprehensive Test to ensure an in depth examination of each students’ achievement in the areas of math, reading and language skills. The comprehensive version can help:

Determine a child’s or adult’s academic strengths and weaknesses
Help diagnose learning disabilities in reading, mathematics, and spelling
Help in designing learning interventions
Measure progress throughout the year or over several years
Compare a student’s performance to the national average

The comprehensive test is comprised of six timed subtests:

Vocabulary (10 minutes)
Spelling (10 minutes)
Language Mechanics (10 minutes)
Reading Comprehension (30 minutes)
Math Computation (20 minutes)
Math Application (35 minutes)

Total test administration time is just under two hours. There will be a 30 minute break approximately half-way through testing.

The test is organized into four grade-specific levels:

Level 1 for grades 3–4
Level 2 for grades 5–6
Level 3 for grades 7–8
Level 4 for grades 9–12

Testing outside of a student’s grade level is not recommended by the test publisher.


Results are mailed approximately 2 weeks after test administration and includes a Student Summary Report. A sample student summary report is shown below:

Basic Achievement Skills Inventory chart