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Student Application Information

Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders is designed to meet the educational needs of gifted and talented children. Students may either receive Provisional or Full admission.

Provisional Admission is offered to all students for 1 year. Students receiving provisional admission may register for classes, but have one year from the date of initial application to provide evidence of meeting the admission criteria. Students who do not provide this evidence within the year time limit will not be allowed to remain in the program.

Full Admission to the program requires meeting the specific criteria for admission at the time of first application. In order to receive full admission, all students must have the required test scores (see criteria below) and be recommended by school personnel or the testing psychologist.

Returning students who have Full admission status do not have to resubmit test scores and recommendations each time they register.

Test Scores


  • Applicants must show placement in a gifted program (provide a copy of the eligibility report), or testing results indicating an IQ of 120 or above on a test of mental ability or results indicating a score in the 90th percentile or above (on the majority of subtests and total) on a standardized achievement test. For a list of the tests we accept, view below. Other tests will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders does offer individual achievement testing. Appointments will be available after the first week of October,2015.
  • Recommendation
    Applicants must also submit a written recommendation by a licensed psychologist, teacher, principal or resource person.
This list contains the commonly used ability and achievement tests; however, any nationally normed test is acceptable. Also children who are enrolled in the gifted program at their local public school, can submit copies of their eligibility documentation or report

Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) *testing offered through Saturday School. Click Here for more information

California Achievement Test (CAT)

California Test of Basic Skills

Cognitive Abilities Test

Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS)

Comprehensive Testing Program 4 (CTP4)

Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT)

Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning (DIAL-R)

Early Screening Profile (ESP)

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

Henmon-Nelson Test of Mental Ability

Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)

Kaufman Assessment (KABC)

Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT)

Kaufman Educational Achievement (KTEA)

Kuhlman-Anderson Intelligence Test

McCarthy Scale

McGraw Hill Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills - CTBS

Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA)

Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT)

Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Test

Otis-Lennon Scholastic Aptitude Test (OLSAT)

Peabody Picture Vocabulary (PPVT)


Sequential Tests of Educational Progress (STEP)


SOI Structure of the Intellect

SRA Achievement Series

SRA Mental Abilities Test

Stanford Achievement Test


Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT)


Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Revised (WISC-R)

Woodcock Johnson Psychoeducational Battery