Teach for Saturday School

…and be part of the family!

Being a part of the Saturday School family is an honor.  We strive to encourage the unique talents that lie within gifted and talented children.  We hire teachers who are capable of dealing with the unique educational demands of gifted and talented children.

Saturday School teachers create their own classes, so be as creative as you want.  Your class must not conflict with an already established class (look at the current brochure) and must emphasize “hands on” learning activities for your students.  Unleash your teaching genius!!!

Teacher pay is 750 for a 5-Saturday, three-hour class (per Saturday) session with the minimum class enrollment.  In addition, materials reimbursement is $75 per 5-Saturday session.

ALL teachers (previous and new) are required to fill out an application for each session. If an application is not received we will assume you will not be teaching for the session. Additionally, the Teacher Agreement is attached to the teacher policy and is required to be read and returned each session.  You must also sign and return the code of conduct form.  We also must have on file a valid certificate of your completion of a child abuse reporting training.

Please fill out the online application completely. Please send us a lesson plan outline after submitting the online application.  By filling out an application you are agreeing to teach your specified class(es) for the indicated session.

*All teachers must comply with the Teacher Policy in order to teach for Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders.*

To apply to be a teacher for Saturday School,

please complete the form below

Teacher Registration

Teacher registration for the Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders Program
  • Please select the session for which you are applying.
  • This description will go into the brochure, so be sure to make your class appealing to students and their parents. Include a title
  • (normally done when the $75 materials fee reimbursement teachers receive is not sufficient)
  • Cannot exceed $10
  • Please type your name above to indicate your "signature" on this application.

Teachers must complete the online course in “Recognizing and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse” or provide proof of other similar training.  The link to the online course is here:


Teacher Policy
 — GSU (downtown) Location





As always, if you have any questions please contact us at 404-413-8029 or email us at
[email protected].